It’s Finally Spring! 4-17-11

After a long and fun ride to Crown King for the Chili Cook-off on Saturday, we decided to take a short trip on Sunday up the Beeline to see about our muggled “Tank you very much!” geocache off of milepost 233. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was sunny and warm with blue skies and streaks of wispy clouds. Keep in mind that I’m a native Phoenician. Whenever I’m talking about temperature, you’ll be safe bumping the temperature up a few degrees if you are a man and/or from anyplace else but Phoenix. If I say it’s warm, my husband would say that it’s hot. Ok, back to the story.

It was our first trip without our helmets since we purchased them in late December. As much as I love my helmet for wind and cold protection, it was nice to be able to leave it behind. We had done so much riding in the southern half of the state during the winter, that I had forgotten that the Mazatzals are one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in Arizona. We hadn’t been there since September and I was overwhelmed with the lush spring vegetation. It was green everywhere. Wildflowers were scattered about and some of the cacti were in bloom. Striking shades of bright magenta, red, and yellow. Whenever I see colors like these in nature, I credit the Ultimate Artist, God. Our ammo box was nowhere to be found so we poked around for a more secluded spot to hide the new one.

 When we got back to the truck and loaded up the quad we realized that we were clearly not ready to go home. It was such a beautiful day and we needed more adventure. Down the highway is a tunnel we know about that gets us to the other side. We had discovered it on a previous trip. There’s a nice corral and a rough road heading north. Literally every time we are out, at some point I say “Hey there’s a road over there!” or he says “I’ve.always wanted to go down that road!” So there it was: that road.


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Mineral Mountains Pic

Devils Canyon

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